Gait Assessment and Biomechanics

What is a Running Gait Analysis and Why is it Important?

Gait Analysis

A gait analysis is a method for identifying biomechanical abnormalities in the gait cycle, or in other words, it’s a tool used to assess the way in which you walk and run. It can be beneficial in that it can identify any overactive or underactive muscles in the feet, which could lead to potential injuries and inefficiencies in the future.

Many of the surfaces we run on today are hard and not forgiving, even several trail runs are done on fire roads which are compacted services. This means that the numerous tendons in our feet are not being worked and flexed in a natural way. This can lead to the breakdown and collapse of our stabilising aches leading to over pronation.

We like to understand our runners and how they run so we can advise appropriately. Our head assessor Jaynie Turner ( specialises in movement biomechanics. We also work alongside running specialist physios, Lee Wilkinson ( and Steve Yeomans ( Podiatrist Kay Johnson. (

gait analysis
gait analysis

Basic Static Gait Assessment

This involves a consultation and assessment by our expertly trained staff using specialist camera technology so that we will guide you to the purchase of an ideal type of sports shoe.

Time allocated: 20 mins

Cost: £15 (This will be refunded against the purchase of any sports shoes)

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Biomechanical Foot Movement Assessment

This is a more in-depth assessment using a force plate and dart fish camera technology.

The assessment will be done in two stages first by using a force plate to capture all the pressure areas applied to the foot during static and dynamic movements. Then by a video analysis to check on movement and motion of the lower limbs. This will help identify your full gait foot cycle and highlight any potential areas of concern due to lateral rotation or heavy impact.

A full report will be supplied so you can present it to your podiatrist or Physio

This Assessment is ideal for all keen runners and sport players to help with long term development and reduction of injury.

Time allocated: 60 mins

Cost: £60

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Biomechanical Foot Movement Assessment +Physio Appointment

The assessment is the same as above but incorporates a specialist physio appointment from Lee Wilkinson, Steve Yeomans or Jenny Hamlett-Orme. ( The assessment will be done first which is then followed by the Physio appointment armed with all the reports.

This Assessment is ideal for anybody experiencing injury caused by doing sport.

Time allocated: 90 mins

Cost: £85

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gait analysis

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